Postilion-Kiner (About Us)

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Jean Kiner - Jean's photography career started in high school, as the photographer for her high school newspaper. After working and photographing in Yellowstone for 2 summers, she realized her calling and enrolled in Columbia College that fall. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art Photography from Columbia College in 1984. Jean started shooting weddings on her own, and then photographed for Edward Fox  from 1991 - 1999. Jean is now married raising 2 young girls (8 & 10).

Jim Postilion - Jim learned the technical aspects of photography from his father (Joseph P. Postilion) who, back in the 1970's, developed his own in-house system for producing 4-color separations for printing. Jim did not pursue photography professionally until 1995, when Jean encouraged him to enter the Edward Fox training program for wedding photography. Jim worked for Edward Fox from 1995-1999 while at the same time operated a software development business during the week. Jim still owns / operates that software development business during the week.

Jim and Jean -In 2000, Jim approached Jean about working together as a team. On August 12, 2000, Jim and Jean photographed their 1st wedding for Reyna and Edgar together. The results far exceeded expectations. Now they are working together permanently under the name "Postilion-Kiner Photography" (previously "Postilion Photography"). Examples of more recent work can be seen in their Photo Gallery.


Emphasis on Photojournalism - We thrive on capturing those totally unexpected moments that can not be foreseen or planned. We enjoy it when you bring close relatives and friends together in the same place - creating a mixing pot of opportunity. We especially enjoy it when children are involved, as they are totally unpredictable. As seen in our Photo Gallery, we like to incorporate small details and the environment into our photojournalism.

Love for Creativity - We love to be creative and are constantly looking for new ways to improve ourselves. Wedding photography can, and we believe should be the perfect medium for creativity. We believe each wedding is a unique set of photographic opportunities to act upon. This keeps the work fun, and provides you with a spontaneous, unexpected, record of the day.

Importance of a Second Photographer - Un-staged, candid moments can happen at any time during the day. To capture them, it is important that at least one photographer be dedicated to photo-journalism. These photographs require NO extra time on your part. The resulting unique, un-staged, un-posed photographs will strike close to your heart, as they portray the "real" story and emotion behind your wedding. Other advantages of having two (2) photographers include: 1) The ability to cover different locations simultaneously 2) The ability to cover the same event from different angles. 3) The ability to cover an event in B/W and Color simultaneously.

Importance of Posed Photographs and Allowing Time - We believe each wedding location provides its own unique set of artistic and romantic opportunities. We enjoy exploring these possibilities with you, not to mention capturing your family portraits and creating a historic record. Since these photographs DO require a time commitment on your part, we recommend allocating as much time as you are comfortable with, prior to the wedding. The bi-product of having your friends and family all together in one spot for formal photographs is having additional time for photo-journalism. In fact, it's during this time that most of the best candid opportunities present themselves.

Unbundling of Products / Services - We offer an "ala-carte" menu of products and services. Prices are based upon the time & cost of materials for each item - time being the most significant factor. You may pick and choose what you want using our Design a Package Form.

Turn Over of Digital Files - To insure the longevity and permanence of your historic record, we include a digital file of every picture taken on CD-Rom with every package.

Our #1 Priority is Your Final Wedding Album / Web Post - As with most creative people, we are very critical of ourselves and our work. We go over every detail in every image with a fine tooth comb. From shooting, to editing, to layout, to presentation, our pride and satisfaction is based on producing a high quality end-product - your final wedding album and web post. We want your friends and family to see them and feel inspired to contact us for their wedding photography. We believe this is the best sales tool of all. We hope your final end-products greatly exceed your expectations.

On the Job

How we work - Below are some sample photographs of us working and the corresponding results....